Indonesia Punya Banyak Nikita Cantik2!


Time to show you that the benighted attitude towards women among some people here, which I have recently tried to put to shame…

  • .aurat-mereka-dosa-anda-2
    • ‘Husbands and fathers, their private parts are your responsibility!’
    • ========

….that such archaic sexism is NOT representative of everyday Indonesians.

I’m up early today, waiting for the postman – a rare visitor in this era, when everything is emailed – so I decided to take another quick look at somebody who’s featured here before, for her provocative yumminess…

nikita mirzani 02

…..and for her defiance of the worst, most backward elements in Indonesia.

Yes, that’s Nikita Mirzani, and here’s my fave photo of, and news link to, the ‘controversial’ movie star. 


But this week another Nikita’s in the news, Nikita Willy, another celebrity oft seen on stage and screen…



….not for any controversial reason,  just giving us a boost, as we get through the hot day, with a very hot demonstration of yoga.

Just use this link to watch her shimmy. 


Thing is, these gals are famous, but that beauty is ubiquitous in this archipelago.

That’s why I can’t comprehend the current exodus of expats. But sadly, that’s happening for commercial reasons.

Thanks be I’m retired!