Mama Stasi Defies Citizens – Two More Victims Reported!

While the Berlin Bitch insists she will not heed the protests and pleas from her tormented people, and remains adamant that the gates will stay open for the alien horde…. 


merkel bloodhands

Merkel vows to keep door open to refugees

Financial Times

 ….the beneficiaries of her betrayal continue to molest under-age German girls. 


Predators and Child Molestors


This time, the attack occurred at the North Sea resort of Travemunde, where a gang of crimmigrant savages grabbed two girls on the beach.

A 16-year-old was dragged into the sea where the indecent assault occurred.

Silhouette weeping


Police are pursuing allegedly Albanian culprits, ‘brown-skinned, who spoke in broken German.’

The cops should haul in that vile vixen Merkel – the Hell that Germany has become is entirely down to her. 

Travemünde: 16-Jährige von Mann im Wasser sexuell genötigt