Brits! Sign The Petition! Haul Down That Foul Flag!


After the Brexit freedom vote on June 23rd, we posted on the need for the UK Ambassador here in Jakarta to get rid of that foul supranational rag from his diplomatic premises downtown.

Being me, I even suggested a party there for Brits to celebrate their country’s deliverance! 

Memo to H. E. Moazzam Malik – Haul Down The EU Rag! 

At that time, I assumed the votes were in and the deed would soon be done.


Alas, Theresa May is still shilly-shallying about Article 50, so good to see that patriots back in The Old Country are putting on some pressure.

Here’s the petition – there was excellent coverage in the Express…

‘Tear down EU flags NOW’ Huge call for May to pull hated symbol from our public buildings’

…but curiously I couldn’t spot any link supplied for readers who want to sign it.

We hereby remedy that.

Remove EU flags from public buildings immediately … – Petitions

Please pass it on!