Jew-Hating Plotters Set Free in Turdistan!

I’ll let you read the report for yourselves, but must emphasise what Crown attorney Peter Eccles said after a Supreme Court judge let this vile pair walk.

=.Artist drawing of John Nuttall and Amada Korody listening in court as the judge issues a stay of proceeding in their terror trial.


“These are two individuals who have the ideology, who have the motivation — because let’s face it, they did do it,” he said. “They are quite capable of committing murder for an ideological purpose which they were very keen to do..Nuttall and Korody free after BC judge overturns terror convictions

“As we’ve seen in the last six weeks, lone participants are undeniably the greatest challenge law enforcement face.” 

All is not yet lost.

The Crown has filed a notice of appeal. But one has to ask if the Canadian courts are now infected with the cultural marxist drivel-think voiced by Justin Turdo after the Boston Bombers did their evil work.

Canada’s Enemy Within – Will Turdeau “Have To Look at The Root Causes?” 

I don’t post a lot on Canada these days.

The last election left me so horrified that a man utterly devoid of merit and common decency, Turdo Junior, could become PM.

But I suppose I should resume paying attention.