Outlaw Girl-Friends? Latest Fanatic Foolery!

Thanks to OkTerus.com for revealing a hitherto unheard of demand by frothing fanatics – that young love be outlawed.

… there is a movement that is asking the MUI to issue a fatwa against courting couples -unclean!

Heboh! Gerakan #IndonesiaTanpaPacaran desak MUI Keluarkan …

Okterus.com26 Jul 2016
  • fatwa mui sholeh


Pacaran is the Indonesian word for a lad having a girl-friend – or, if you happen to be a girl, having a boy-friend.

This brand new backward brigade even have their own hashtag


Indonesia Without Courting!

What wretched little bores these people must be, sticking their stickybeak noses into normal people’s personal relationships.

At first I imagined this might be some sort of displaced Indonesian April Fool story, but there’s even a photo of some sad little thing deploring what she’s likely never sampled.


Fatwa Pacaran Haram.

Reading on, we learn that the dark-agers think going steady has proved damaging to their generation, presumably the younger generation, since we oldsters won’t give such nonsense the time of day…




Their propaganda makes your flesh creep.

.Therefore, O people of Indonesia, wherever located, let’s take part in the historic struggle to eliminate courting  in Indonesia. 

With your support, inshaAllah, the MUI will eventually issue a fatwa making pacaran haram.



  • Well, next week I shall make good use of this story, regaling my fellow guests at the little party I’m attending with cautionary words about the evils of behaving like normal folks.  

PS The scary thing is, the MUI might just do what these uptights are asking!

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