The Ventimiglia Connection? And Where’s Da Media?

Last year we commented sadly on the fate of Ventimiglia, on the Franco-Italian border, a lively little town remembered fondly in this house for the nice time spent there over twenty five years ago, wandering at ease in the market.



It was very nice then, but times don’t always change for the better, and by 2015 Ventimiglia was engulfed by the alien tsunami, a nightmare that Red Renzi’s regime had done nothing to quell by decriminalising illegal immigration.

Italy Infested With ‘Asylum’ Predators


Undesirable illegals in Ventimiglia, flying the EUSSR flag

Arrogant Aliens Demand French Surrender! 


Some of the savages, who were demanding that France throw open its border there, were so depraved that they even raped a sympathiser, who failed to report the assault promptly after pressure from other leftists fearful that public awareness of such a vile act of ingratitude would undermine their ‘No Borders’ agitation.




But according to a sprinkling of media – a minimal sprinkling, the bulk of the Lugenpresse seemingly determined to keep you in the dark – the arrogant ‘migrants’and their Enemy Within ‘No Borders’ rabble had somebody prowling around in their vicinity whom we have regrettably all heard of – sectarian mass-murderer Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhiel.

Claim: Nice Attacker Was ‘No Borders’ Activist… 

 Italian police have confirmed that they already identified the terrorist as having been in Ventimiglia during clashes in June last year.

Every single citizen of every country menaced by the horde owes a debt of gratitude to They do a fantastic job, one of which you can read here –  .

Hitherto, much of the ‘mainstream’ media has been diligently peddling their message that Bouhel was NOT steeped in any ideological background, only just recently slipping from a ragtag anti-social life-style into enormous Islamist evil.


  • ———–
  • The ‘lone wolf’ narrative quickly disintegrated, as more and more arrests were made.
  • But still, that inverse fairy-tale of ‘a low-life wife-beater who suddenly lost it’ lingered.

Now it’s not so clear-cut?

In Italy, there’s already uproar.

Killer di Nizza a Ventimiglia, immagini al vaglio di polizia italiana e francese

But how about the media we get to read in the English-speaking world?
As an experiment, I inserted the words ‘ventimiglia Nice bouhiel‘ into Google’s news search, looking for relevant news in English.
See if you get more than I did!
I’m off out now – here in sunny Indonesia, it’s still a nice place to go walk-about!