‘Today’s America Is Anything But Sane!’

No, I’m not talking about the focus of the sick US media on the ‘scandal’ of who (‘The Russians Are Coming’) leaked the truth…



…..that a senior member of the Democrat National Committee urged antisemitism as a strategy (and is not known to have had his exhortation rebuffed) to promote Crooked Hillary’s campaign…  

HowzAbout Clinton’s Jew-Baiting Cheer-Leaders? 

…when there’s no comparable, moral, focus on the need for wholesale dismissal of Jew-baiters embedded in the DNC.

That’s all very bad.

But how about the nauseating revelation that the Obama Administration is naming a United States Navy ship after a filthy ‘gay’ pedophile?

Navy to Name Ship after ‘Gay’ Child Molester




USPS Harvey Milk

Predators and Child Molestors


Obama’s Post Office has already issued a stamp in commemoration of the sleazy queer so we shouldn’t be surprised.

Say what you like about Trump – and he doesn’t always delight me – the Democrats are unfit to govern.