EuroCommissars’ Double Standards on Display, Again!




It becomes ever more of a challenge to find any trace of consistency, never mind integrity, in the workings of the supranational ruling class in Brussels.

Just take a look at the two links below, which appeared as close together in the latest EUObserver bulletin as the bacon and egg in the sandwiches I prefer for a Sunday brunch.

Read them at length if you like, but the essence is there in the intros I’ve captured.

Serious breaches of major obligations, as in….



EU lets Portugal and Spain off the hook

The EU commission has opted not to fine Portugal or Spain on fiscal targets for fear of aggravating euroscepticism. Read on »

…are brushed aside by Brussels as of no consequence, but dare step on the toes of their local handmaidens… 

EU confrontation with Poland escalates

The EU commission said there is systemic threat to rule of law in Poland and gave new ultimatum. 



…and it’s all guns blazing!

These blasted hypocrites in Brussels DARE to whine about Poland…

….a parliamentary democracy in which the recently elected government has been trying to clean out leftist bias in public broadcasting and undo a sleazy move to fix the courts by their democratically defeated predecessors..Long Live Free Poland!! 




…and simultaneously flout their own rules, purely as a politically-motivated manouevre to stave off ever-growing public contempt for themselves and their grossly extravagant and often corrupt bureaucracy.