UK – Another Rat Importing Illegals Gets Wrist-Slap!

Only last week, we reported on the silly little sentences handed down to a pair of renegade Brits convicted of bringing in illegal aliens…Something Akin to Treason Gets A Slap on the Wrist! …and called for tougher sentences.

But instead, we read today of Fabrice Lokembo-Lokaso, himself an immigrant, born in the Congo, caught in the act of trying of bring in ten crimmigrants from the notorious Calais Jungle.

Football star jailed for attempting to smuggle Calais migrants

And what does this greedy slug get?
As the report dryly notes, the judge showed ‘leniency.’
He should be dismissed from the bench for this shameful sentence. But even the prosecution only asked for fifteen months.
What’s wrong with Britain’s ‘elite?’
And another thing!
This Congo-born criminal’s status in the UK is not, curiously, examined in the report.
Is he currently a UK citizen?
If so, it’s surely red card time!
He should be stripped of that privilege and deported to whatever jungley place he originates from.
red card
If he’s not, all the more quickly should he be expelled, as an undesirable alien himself.