Cockroaches! Pro-Crimmigrants Target Honest Brit Business!

Those involved in pro-crimmigrant activity should be hammered by the courts.  Not only those arrested for direct importation of undesirable aliens –  – but those engaged in terror tactics against decent citizens who cooperate in upholding the law.

I refer to gangs of anti-social leftists, ‘ London Black Revs and the Malcolm X Movement,’ behind the attack on those Byron restos in Britain.

THEY ought to be a priority target for police, a more respectable and responsible form of policing, surely, than those numbskull Keystone Cops in South Wales exposed last month for intimidating a patriot shop-keeper.

From what I read, even in the words ascribed to the far-left trouble-makers, what happened last week at the Byron resto premises was good news.

A LOT of illegals were rounded up!

AND booted back where they belong.

“Some 35 staff members, many of whom were led off in handcuffs and have been deported out of the country while hundreds more are hiding in fear.”


An outcome all should applaud!

We read yesterday that another coalition of creeps – Unite Hotel and Restaurant Workers Branches, London Latinxs, Black Dissidents and Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants ….

  • enemy-within
  • … have been conspiring to hit back at Byron for behaving as responsible Brits should.

Let’s hope the cops in that vicinity display more civic conscience than Gwent.