Tanjung Balai ‘Congregants’ Promote Islamophobia!

I got back after a pleasant morning walkabout in the sun yesterday, then opted to sit out front and soak up some more of those lovely solar rays.

But a glance at the Jakarta Post’s coverage of the mayhem in Tanjung Balai ( I covered the incident a few days ago  –Tanjung Balai’s Burning Temples – A History of Bigotry!  ) made me pause, struck by the odd phraseology.

As reported, a pack of pig-ignorant savages from a local mosque ran amok and desecrated various Buddhist houses of worship.


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  • No fatalities,’says the JP .
  • One is tempted to speculate whether, had the cops used their guns on the rabble, Indonesia might be more wholesome today.

But the damage done by arson and the mob’s other wanton wickednesses resulted in billions of rupiah in losses. 


It seems some poor woman was driven to distraction by the cacaphonous din from that mosque and went to complain, as she had every right to do.  

But it can be dodgy speaking up against the way some mosques disrespect their neighbours. 

Aceh – Muslim Seeks Quieter Mosques, Bullied Into Silence, after ‘Death Threats!’ 

Mosque-din’s an all too common problem here, not least because local government lacks the guts to fulfil its legal obligations, do its duty and deal with miscreants.     https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/05/11/mosques-above-the-law-too-sensitive-to-enforce-noise-control-and-criticism-an-outrage/.

jusuf-kalla4 VP Kalla


Even Vice-President Kalla, a serious Muslim, has spoken up.

Turn It Down! Ex VP Urges Volume Control for Noisy Indonesian Mosques 

So I tend to suspect poor Melania’s Friday night visit was met with an arrogant refusal to cut the cacaphony, because next thing, as the JP has it, the mosque’s congregation members visited her house following her complaint.


That conjures up an image of families in Sunday-best, shaking hands with the preacher as they leave, pondering the message in the sermon, going home to dwell on the goodness of God.

Different story in Tanjung Balai.

The pig-ignoramuses ended up  forcing Tanjung Balai Police officers to safeguard Meliana and her husband at the police station. Angry mobs continued to flock to Meliana’s house, however. Some had even attempted to burn down the house…

What a pack of anti-social undesirable swine!

That’s how normal people would describe them. Instead, the JP uses these bizarre words –

People who had been seized by emotion…


Tantrum brats, regardless of age, I’d say. 

.. “The mob attempted to set ablaze the vihara but the police managed to prevent them. They could only pelt the house of worship with projectiles, damaging it. This was the start of the anarchic acts.

The sectarian scum damaged and burned down several vihara and Chinese temples or pagoda….




Who is it that’s to blame for ‘Islamophobia?’

Trump? Wilders?


It’s vile, blasphemous brutes, like those who destroyed prayer equipment, Buddha statues, tables, chairs, lamps, and several cars and motorbikes.

If  decreasing ‘Islamophobia’ is a desirable goal, those French Muslims have set a good example by refusing burial to that ISIS plague-dog.


And whoever runs the mosques in Tanjung Balai should follow that example, by making it clear that none of those sacrilegious curs who ran riot will be allowed to set foot on mosque premises ever again.

They have tainted the reputation of their faith.


But let’s not imagine only sectarian motives were involved.

There was base theft too!

Seven people were taken into custody for allegedly plundering the houses of worship when the attacks occurred.

Nothing wrong with such creatures that a firing squad wouldn’t fix.

Trouble is, deliberate promotion of sectarian hatred can be publicly flaunted with impunity here.

fpi kill busddhist

You may recall those IslamoNazi FPI louts strutting through Jakarta with their hate-banner. No arrests.

And there’s also the infamous example of Lubis, a leader of that same FPI…



  •  FPI’s Sobri Lubis who shrilled ‘Kill, kill,kill!’

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7RLCXNdKF4  –

… whose ferocious call to ‘kill, kill, kill‘ members of the Ahmadiyah minority was ignored by the authorities here.

Mind you, incitement pales into insignificance compared to actual blood-letting, which occurred at Cikeusik…



Filthy Islamist cowards at Cikeusik



….when three innocent Ahmadis were brutally martyred by squalid Islamist thugs.

To this day, despite video evidence of the whole horrible event, nobody has been charged with murder. 

Victim of Islamist Murder Mob Gets Six Months in the Slammer 

 Watch that video..

Good to see that some eminent Indonesian MPs, notably Eva Kusuma Sundari, are urging proper investigation, and that the police ate pursuing evil-doers.

  • Eva-Kusuma-Sundari1



But better still if President Jokowi were to order a re-opening of the Ciikeusik case, getting his new Police Chief to go out and detain the cowards still skulking up there in Banten Province, and drag them to justice.

It’s not only drug traffickers who should be facing death sentences.

  • And all those found guilty of participation in the Tanjung Balai outrage this past weekend should get YEARS behind bars.