London Amok-Run- ‘Norwegian’ Charged? Get Real!

Are we being spoon-fed hogwash about mental health etc. in connection with the Russell Square amok-run?



  • The Met. Police are surely very quick to pronounce on the motivation, but let’s remind ourselves that it’s all a matter of how to express perceptions.

It emerges on the BBC that the murder victim in Russell Square was American, and at least one of the other assault victims was a Jew. The cops say these victims were ‘random.’

Maybe so, maybe not.

Either way, one might say the perp was mentally ill, to kill at ‘random’ or to kill somebody because she’s a Yank or injure somebody because he’s a Jew.

Looking back at other atrocities, I’d have said ANYONE who thinks it proper to slaughter cartoonists and apostates can hardly be regarded as of sound mind.

The BBC describes the detained alien as a ‘Norwegian…’



  • ….TO BE MORE PRECISE – A 19-year-old Norwegian national of Somali origin..

But OF COURSE police said there was no evidence of radicalisation.

I randomly offer another reminder, of the irresponsibility of the Newcastle Police…

“Poor Syrian Refugees!’ UK Police Cover-Up Exposed? 

 …though I am not for a moment suggesting London’s lot would stoop to the same level as their Geordie counterparts.

Mind you, there was also the Rotherham lot…