Apex Abominations – No More Kid Glove Treatment!

Just getting back to normal, back to my tropical sunshine, after a very pleasant, if frightfully cold…


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…short break in The Lucky Country.

But the more time I spent with nice Australian people of all ages, going to and fro and admiring what an agreeable life-style they have and the civilised environment they inhabit…


They’re a hardy breed, Aussies  – even cooking barbeque meals outdoors last week as I applauded, shivering, though thankfully we did the eating indoors!


….the more I am perplexed at how slack their governments, both federal and state, seem to be, at least towards the key duty of looking after the law-abiding population!

Of course most every country these days has that kind of problem, except maybe Hungary.

But what moves me especially to consternation is the way Melbourne folks continue to suffer the depredations of wild beasts in (sub-)human form called ‘Apex Gangs.’

Many if not most of them appear to be undesirable aliens who have no idea what it means to live like a proper Australian.




I append the latest links for the benefit of non-Australians…

Melbourne families fortifying homes with barbed wire fences in fear …

civilised man v savage

Apex gang runs riot through Melbourne suburbs yet again

…and am amazed at the failure of the authorities in Victoria to deploy the obvious solutions required to end this social cancer promptly.

Surely there’s been enough ‘tough talk’ – action is required!


1 – AUTHORISE THE POLICE TO USE THEIR FIRE-ARMS – there won’t be any improvement until they’ve taken out a few dozen of the swine caught in the commission of crimes. 

2- GET STARTED ON DEPORTING THEM TO WHENCE THEY OR THEIR KIN EMERGED – if those countries won’t have them back, dump them on some uninhabited island in Manus-like conditions, till some country prepared to accept  them is found.