Don’t Have Creative Difficulties With A Man When He’s Down!

Hotch, the head of the investigation/action team in “Criminal Minds,” has been fired.  

What a great pity.

I watch that programme often, and, like all his tv team, he’s a likeable law enforcement professional.



The dismissal arose after an incident when the actor who played the role, Thomas Gibson, had “creative differences on the set and a disagreement.”

Or at least that’s how his spokeswoman puts it.

More prosaic reports, such as that in Yahoo News, say “Hotch” kicked a writer on set!



There are certainly quite a few writers who some might well think deserve a boot on the butt every now and then, both here in Indonesia…

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 …and back in the Western world …

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 But one really needs more detail before passing judgement on the kick that led to Mr. Gibson’s red card.

Like, was he tired and emotional at the time?