The Metropolitan Gestapo!



I imagine some of London’s conservative bloggers will soon be getting a visit from the Met Police’s new gestapo unit, which is to recruit civilian informers.

Scotland Yard invests £2m into new ‘thought police‘ unit

Since decent Brits will not likely volunteer to clype on their fellow-citizens (good old-fashioned Scots word that – look it up!) the informers will mostly be drawn from the uptight whining ‘communities,’ to whom being ‘offended’ has become a life-style.


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  • It will be a wide net that’s cast, roping in all the ‘homophobes,’ who see so-called ‘gay’ marriage as a degradation of an honourable institution, and the ‘xenophobes,’ as the Remain campaign was dubbed, and the ‘Islamophobes,’ people who object to shariah iniquities like ‘death to cartoonists’ etc.
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And it won’t stop there.

PC-speak will be effectively made compulsory. Woe betide anyone who doesn’t refer to crimmigrants as other than ‘the undocumented.’  

After all, in the USA, even the word ‘illegals’ is a target of the speech-police/thought-police – note the recent moves by Obama’s lick-spittle lackeys in the Library of Congress.

Congress Orders Library Leftists – Tell Truth on Crimmigrants 

Good old-fashioned Anglo-Saxon candour will be crushed out of common usage, and not necessarily by use of prosecutions and prison cells.


All the snivelling little offended ‘volunteers’ slavering over their laptops day and night, reporting normal people to the malignants of the Metropolitan Police?


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  • It’s no pleasant experience for honest folk to have dimwit PC Plods come banging on your door, or coercing you to the cop-shop for a ‘warning-off’ lecture.
  • The sturdiest men and women will stand up to the rotten rozzers’ intimidation.


But many more will be cowed into silence, bullied into self-censorship in the war against the triumph of evil.