Turks in Austria Flaunt Their Disloyalty!

FPO’s Hofer

Turkish people with Austrian citizenship who recently joined protests in support of president Recep Tayyip Erdogan should be investigated with a view to stripping their Austrian nationality, far-right presidential candidate Norbert Hofer has said.

I’m still waiting for EUObserver, or any of the rotten media, to refer to Herr Hofer’s opponent…


van bellen

green party red


…the hoary old Red-Green Van Belleren, as the far-left presidential candidate.’


But more to the point…

Here’s something of what happened after Erdolf’s boogeyman ‘coup!’

A young demonstrator – Austrian born of Turkish immigrant parents – explains why he’s marching behind Turkish flags.

“We are Turks, we stick together, we’re always there and we love each other.” 

Austria’s Turkish community numbers around 300,000. Many came in the 1970s so now there are second and third generations along with more recent immigrants… 4,000 of them staged a spontaneous demonstration waving Turkish flags and chanting pro-Erdogan slogans… 

Austria’s leaders ‘concerned about loyalty’ of Turkish immigrants

This brought powerful protest from Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz.



“We have evidence that the pro-Erdogan demonstrations that took place in Vienna were directly ordered from Turkey to get people on the street. Of course this is untenable and we will protest.”

What surprised many Austrians was the rapid response of the Turkish community to the attempted coup.

What surprises me is that anyone in Austria was surprised!

We’ve all seen – especially Germans – the widespread disloyalty of Turks who revel in the privileges of not just residence…

Deutsche Welle: ‘Many Turkish hearts in Germany beat for Erdogan 

,,,,but also of citizenship in European countries, yet retain allegiance to that alien country in Asia.

I’ll bet the perspicacious Hofer wasn’t surprised, nor many of the smart millions who voted for him in June and will vote the same way in October.

Already there a real signs of an wakening to the folly of clasping hordes of asps to the nation’s bosom. 
Mayor Klaus Schneeberger of the conservative People’s Party said he did not want “current developments in Turkey to be imported” into Wiener Neustadt.
“I therefore call on all those who have put up Turkish flags on their homes or balconies to remove them at once,” he wrote in an open letter sent to Turkish community groups and council estates.
Schneeberger said the city’s “decades-old traditions and values” had to be protected in the face of the massive migrant influx…
Time to choose.
Turkey is a hostile country. Turks loyal to Turkey should live there, or be sent there.