Our ‘Asylum Island’ Idea Catches On…in Germany!

Exactly how much tax-subsidised accommodation is lavished on so-called ‘asylum’-seekers (aka wannabe welfare bums) in the UK?

I was brought to ask this question both by the Telegraph report…

Third of asylum claims come from illegal migrants and visa overstayers


….and by the news that the London Borough of Hackney is proposing to fine homeless Brits sleeping rough up to One Thousand Pounds for making their grotty borough more unsightly than it already is.

Evicting all those ‘asylum’ wasters would free up accommodation for Brits who genuinely need it.

More than once I have put forward a practical solution, short-term, until the phoney ‘refugees’ are deported back where they belong.


Rockall  Indonesia To Adopt My ‘Rockall’ Parasite Policy? 


Identifying uninhabited islands on which to dump undesirable aliens should be a priority task for all governments afflicted by the crimmigrant plague.

There was an Austrian patriot, the FPO’s Herr Strache, who raised the possibility not long ago…

Right-wing pol wants European 'Guantanamo'

An Alpine Gitmo for Sectarian Savages? Sounds Good! 

…though he was snubbed by the EuroCommissars, whose knee-jerk preference for the welfare of illegal immigrants over actual Europeans was entirely predictable.

Now, however, the idea is spreading, with the patriot party in Germany making a similar proposal. That fine lady named Frauke Petry has called for failed asylum seekers to be housed on islands outside Europe.   


Frauke also came up with the nifty notion that the country’s refugee office should be turned into an emigration bureau.


  • Dr. Frauke Petry
  • ————————————————-
  • She’s a smart chick, but there’s no need to boot the bludgers all the way to those distant islands!

Britain has various suitable isles quite far off the northern shores of Scotland, Rockall for one.

With all those in the Med, and the Aegean, and maybe some north of Scandinavia, there’d surely be enough to take hundreds of thousands, parcelled up into congenial groups to avoid the unpleasantries  that certain ‘asylumers’ have been known to engage in.

….12 Christians drowned after they were thrown overboard by their Muslim fellow refugees.

Pray to Allah or drown, Muslims ordered Christians | The Times