A Super-Toofer? Hang Choudary, Get Expelled By Brussels!

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Just a thought, amid the general rejoicing that the notorious scumbag traitor Anjem Choudary is to be sentenced next month after his conviction this week for inviting/inciting support for the ISIS rape-gang ‘caliphate.’  

Muslin extremist - Al-Muhajiroun

Scumbag Choudary

It is a fact, as we have oftimes noted..… that Brussels imposes a very strict rule (well, many, but this is the one that’s relevant at the moment!) on countries sufficiently ill-advised to have adopted the role of provinces of the Evil Empire aka the EUSSR. 



The death penalty is VERBOTEN.

Even countries which are not members, countries far from Europe, including Indonesia where I’m about to go out and enjoy the sunny Independence Day holiday, have had arrogant Brussels intrusion into their internal affairs...

…with Foreign Office flunkeys from the British Embassy have embarrassing normal Brits by anti-capital punishment agitprop activity.

So what a golden opportunity to skip all that Article Fifty faffing about – a quick bit of retrospective legislation to have Anjem Choudary put to death!




The EuroCommissars would have no alternative but to EXPEL the UK for violating their long-standing diktat that neither terrorists, traitors, nor any fiend, no matter how evil, be made to pay the proper price.


  • EUSSR-Flag
  • So – a brilliant toofer!

String the Swine Up…

AND Get Britain Out!

Yeah, I know, Mrs. May is not made of the right stuff.

But it’s a nice Jakarta evening day-dream!