Jakarta Souvenir Shopping? Try Sarinah!

I see that What’s New Jakarta has listed three places where tourists ( or locals) can shop for souvenirs.


Nothing against any of the three, but how come they didn’t add Sarinah to the list?


  • ————————–
  • As a resident, I don’t need touristy stuff, but if I go out into the wider world, then Sarinah is where I’ve tended to shop for suitable gifts.
  • It’s among the oldest shopping malls, but in recent years has undergone changes, including refurbishment of the large food court in the basement.
  • ———-
  • busway


  • There’s a TransJakarta Busway stop right beside it. 
  • Unlike many new malls, there’s no cinema built into the premises, but the Djakarta Theater is just across the street.
  • It’s miles plusher than when I first went there as a new kid on the block!

And if it’s just batik you’re after, then Thamrin City is perfect …


thamrin City


…and VERY cheap.

Just turn west at the Bunderan H.I. and go straight along the road past Grand Indonesia.

PS  One word of caution – security.

Many if not most malls in Jakarta have organised some attempts at security checks, some more serious than others.

Last time I walked around Sarinah, and there are three main entrances, plus another at the back mostly used by employees, nobody checked anybody at any of the three. I didn’t use the fourth.

There are security guards visible but the only time they have ever paid attention to me was to tell me not to smoke on the steps outside the northern entrance on Jalan Wahid Hasyim.

Room for improvement?