London Vermin – Did The Cops Catch Them?

PA Wire


We covered the disgraceful behaviour of pro-crimmigrant rabble last month, the leftist louts who storm-trooped their way into Byron’s burger resto in London…   … but events of interest occur so often that we missed out on news of the aftermath, and only today did one of our commenters draw my attention to this oversight.




The police investigating the moronic marxist stunt released photos of three men they wanted to talk to.

..police described one of the suspects, Man A, as “dark-skinned, of medium to heavy build, unshaven with thinning hair”. They said he was wearing a bulky hooded anorak, brown shoes and blue jeans and was carrying a rucksack

.Man B was described as “dark-skinned, of thin build, with long hair – tied at the back – and unshaven. He wore thick-rimmed glasses and a black tracksuit with white stripes along the arms, and carried a bag or satchel over his shoulder.”

The third suspect was dark-skinned, of thin build with short hair and a short beard. “He was wearing a brown blazer, blue shirt and light grey or beige trousers…”

Strange! At least two of them look to me to be fairly pale-skinned!

Given that the diffusion of roaches etc. was organised by a red gangster group calling itself the London Black Revolutionaries, perhaps they deployed ‘token whiteys’ to do their dirty work.




Checking out various search engines, I can find no further reports, so the vile villains must still be on the run – or should that be crawl, in view of their affinity with vermin?

Whatever, we should all do our best to spread the snapshots widely in the hope that, if guilty, those shown will be brought to justice.

Anyone recognise them?’