Calais Migrants…Why Won’t Britain Take Them In?

So once more we have news of crimmigrant savages in the Calais Jungle, amok, one dead, more injured, not, despite intense provocation, at the hands of the police or all the decent French folk outraged by the barbarous brutes who maraud around their once-peaceful streets.

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  • Hardly. the dead and injured are victims of the savagery we have come to expect from these phoney ‘refugees.’.

The violence underscores the tensions that have escalated in Calais—located on the French side of the English Channel—as more migrants seeking to reach the U.K. become stranded in northern France.

Why do journos keep spouting disinformation, when it’s immediately contradicted in the rest of the same report?

NONE of the Jungle’s denizens are in any sense ‘stranded!’

Arrogance -they think the laws civilised people abide by should not apply to them…

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…and Liar Juncker agrees! National borders ‘worst invention ever’: EU chief

The migrant flow has foiled French authorities’ perennial attempts to clear the Jungle and other Calais camps, relocating occupants to safer, more sanitary accommodation.

The French government set up a new fenced off facility in Calais and sent several thousand migrants to shelters across the country, and encouraged them to apply for asylum in France.

So any media hack, or any of the horrid horde, who says ANY of them are ‘stranded’ there are LIARS!

They can apply for ‘asylum’ in France ANYTIME they grow weary of terrorising their host nation. Better still, they could ooze off back to whence they came.

They deserve not an iota of sympathy, because…the initiatives have met with stiff resistance from migrants. An effort to dismantle tents and evacuate around 1,000 people sparked violent clashes with police in February, and migrants who were sent to other towns have repeatedly returned to Calais in the hope of reaching the U.K. 

Calais Migrant Clash Leaves One Dead, One Wounded

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