Deutsche Welle Hands A Megaphone to Left Ranters!

Just trying to get myself on the move this morning, heading out for some fun with friends in posh Kemang ( not my fave place to hang out, but there’s a pool!) and while drinking my innumerable black coffees I tuned into Deutsche Welle.

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  • Mein Gott!

Those pinkos who run that outfit had put a disgustingly biased show on the air…

Peace ′n′ Pop | Highlights2 | DW.COM  Deutsche Welle

…in which every form of appeasement creep from the Sixties onwards was given nearly an hour to spout peacenik propaganda.


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  • Joschka Fischer was one of the vile voices. We had a look at his record just a day or so ago. True Colours? Europhiliac Trio Honour Dear Red! 
  • But it wasn’t only German subversives – there were pompous ageing leftists from America, the infamous Communist Angela Davis…


Hasil gambar untuk angela davis She got acquitted!

Angela Davis and Radical Chic 2016 – WSJ

….and the UK too, DW having thrown its net wide to recruit the enemy within.


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Ken Follett ranted away in bilious fashion; a ghastly ‘British’ scribbler named Hanif Kureishi, scion of a super-rich Pakistani clan, got his chance to play down the threat from the ISIS rape-gang, whilst deploring the War on Terror.


Not a single patriot from any country, not one conservative, was apparently available to speak up against them.

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  • Or, infinitely more likely, DW had made up its mind to spend vast amounts of money on a one-sided broadside, narrated by some slug who made no effort to conceal his bias, nonsense about ‘arbitrary policing’ in the USA, etc..
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  • Pathetic!
  • Babbling bigot leftists handed a megaphone under the guise of a ‘history’ of pop music.
  • Has DW no shame at all?
  • Comics, antiwar films and singer-songwriters inspired young people around the world.
  • SOME young people – and nauseated plenty of other young people, like me and my pals  – who staged counter-demos in London against gangs like the Communists, Neutralists and Defeatists of CND…
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