Indonesia Retains Red Ban – So Why Not HTI Too?

No doubt all those comsymp creeps who have been demanding President Jokowi apologise for things that happened when he was four years old – Bravo, Jokowi – No Crawling To Unrepentant Red Rats!  – will be frothing at the mouth.


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  • And I dare say much cussing was to be heard around the editorial lounges of the Jakarta Post – Jakarta Post’s ‘Red Apology’ Clique Getting Desperate?   and maybe the Jakarta Globe too.
  • Both English-language media have shown little ability to distinguish between people wrongly accused of communism in 1965 on the one hand and, on the other, the red reprobates of the PKI, the Indonesian Communist Party.

‘We Don’t Want Communism?’ But if You Did, It’s Time To Apologise!! 

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So what’s the latest furore?

Indonesia’s House of Representatives Commission III overseeing legal affairs has backed the government’s draft revision of the Criminal Code that retains articles banning communism, saying the regulation is important to protect national ideology Pancasila.

Pancasila, for overseas readers, is the pluralist basis on which Indonesia was established.

It’s a finely balanced argument, this.

Communists are all rotten traitorous SOBs…




…in every country, of course, and there’s a good case for outlawing any parties that want to reduce the nation to totalitarian state status.

But equally, keeping them in public sight makes it easier, perhaps, to track them. 

Dimwit IslamoNazis! The More Marxism’s Exposed, The Better! 



No difference


Germany, for instance, has for decades banned the Nazi Party, which in moral terms is no different from the old KPD, the German Communist Party. That was also banned, but seems to have surfaced within Die Linke, the Left Party.

Mama Stasi obviously won’t ban that, given her own record as a red gestapo lackey in the old East Germany.


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Mama Stasi – Am I Unfair To Merkel?


Commission III member Teuku Taufiqulhadi said Article 219 of the Criminal Code, which stipulates that anyone who goes against the law by promoting communism can be sentenced to a maximum of seven years in prison, did not go too far in the effort to defend Pancasila from ideology that could threaten it.

OK, let’s leave it to parliament to debate the issue. 


But one ought to be able to expect consistency from legislators. 

If Communism is to be proscribed, then certainly the much more immediately dangerous Hizbut Tahrir caliphofascist movement should also be declared beyond the pale. 

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  • They not only aim to destroy Indonesian democracy, but worse, to subjugate Indonesia, and every other country they can capture, abolishing its hard-won independence to a supranational sectarian tyranny, a worldwide affront to freedom. Many countries, Muslim countries too, have banned it already.



Oh, and excising the IslamoNazi virus – a ban on the FPI, as has often been discussed, would not go amiss while parliament is looking at unwholesome groups to get rid of.

A lot of people would approve!  

A Festive Cheer For Muslim Sanity – Ban The IslamoNazis!