DEMO FOR DEMOCRACY – London, Monday 5th September


… on Monday 5 September, the day MPs will debate whether to hold a second referendum, spiked’s Invoke Article 50 NOW! campaign is holding a demonstration outside parliament.

If you’re a real democrat, whether you voted Leave or Remain, now is the time to stand up.



There’s a lot that appears in that I don’t agree with. Its writers are left-liberal.

But they are NOT arrogant elitists

And that’s actually the point. In a genuine democracy, it doesn’t matter if we agree or disagree.

We argue, debate, clash furiously…


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…but in the end, we accept the outcome of the vote, as democrats are obliged to, and as EuroCommissars don’t!

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Britain’s referendum was as free and fair as could be, despite Cameron’s attempts skew the result with his 2-1 mailings, his inclusion of hundreds of thousands of Eire voters with no allegiance to Queen and Country, and his exclusion of hundreds of thousands of Brits overseas.

Unlike in some marxist or Third World countries, the campaigns on both sides were able to move around and speak freely. So no way was the outcome anything but a clear decision by a million plus votes to deliver the realm from supranational rule.

In the UK today, however, there’s a novel twist – no rigging of results but those results treated with utter contempt by supercilious swine in all main parties.


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So fight back!

If you can’t get to London, there’s a new petition from Leave EU.

In order for the government to be held to account on Brexit, the British public must be kept informed on its intentions. It is in the nation’s best interests for Article 50 to be invoked as soon as is practicable. The government needs to inform us when that time will be.