France24 Fails The Burkini Balance Test, Again!

Again this morning I subjected myself to France24, and again, expecting a total lack of impartiality, I was not disappointed.

Appalled, yes, that they chose to stock their media show with ‘Paris-based journalists,’ all shrill left-libs, at least two of them non-French, all of them ranting their glee at the Council of State’s ruling against the burka ban.

Christopher DICKEY – Foreign editor at the Daily Beast

I checked him out via wikipedia….

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In 1983-1984, Dickey was an Edward R. Murrow Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations…He frequently comments about breaking events on MSNBC, CNN, France 24, BBC TV, BBC World Service and Al Jazeera, as well as other local, national and international broadcasts.


Anne BAGAMERY – Senior Editor, Intl. New York Times

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Working for the most notoriously left-liberal American newspaper, she recently took French nationality, the easier, I suppose, to carp and whine about the views held by most of her fellow-citizens.

The other two were –

Patrick SMITH  – Editor in Chief, The Africa Report


Leela JACINTO – International News Reporter, France 24

The latter pair may or may not be French. Maybe readers know.

But whatever, it was tiresome to listen to them, all harping on the folly of France, not one of them on the side of the majority of the French people (64% as we mentioned a day ago ) and they all chortled in comradely fashion at cartoons mocking the ban.

Watch it yourself –


It is their right, of course, to harbour such contempt for the people of the country they live in.

But does France24 not have any duty to bring on at least ONE patriotic French journo who sides with his or her own people?

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If the panel were in any way a reflection of the mood of the nation, there’d be two or three out of four, with pinko shrills in a minority, but for pity’s sake….could that channel, if only for the sake of a semblance of balance, find even ONE dissenter from the left-liberal in-crowd’s pro-burkini consensus!   

Or as I wondered yesterday…


  … is the French press so permeated with bias that France24 can’t find ANYONE to give balance to these disconnected creeps?

I had a quick flick to satisfy my curiosity, and duly unearthed this fascinating study about the behavior of the French media during the campaign for the 29 May 2005 referendum on the Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe.

EU - referendum vote

The media were biased in favour of the Treaty….leading people who felt that the media were disconnected from the people’s concerns to vote against the Treaty.

Interesting. Times haven’t changed much!

While no dissenting presence was permitted on this morning’s panel, a few views contrary to the media in-crowd’s were allowed a brief hearing.

The best was that of an Iranian exile, a real refugee, not one of Mama Stasi Merkel’s shariah imports but a brave Muslim lady, who actually knows something about the realities of Islamist iniquity.

Her name’s DaryaSafai…

 Darya Safai

…and she put the issue in perspective.

.“They grow up in a society where women learn to be subjugated, like we put a dog on a collar and they learn to obey us.”
You can read more about her here.


France24’s dogs bark, and the appeasement caravan rolls on.