France 24 Lies About Trump’s ‘Mexican Rapists’ Speech!

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I was just typing up the last little item I posted a few hours ago, and listening to the news on France24, when the pert little hackette announcer remarked on Trump’s surprise visit to Mexico.


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  • The silly cow said this was surprising because the Republican candidate had called Mexicans ‘criminals and rapists.’

Anyone who listened to that famous Trump speech knows full well that he was NOT referring to all or even most Mexicans, but to lawless ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS from Mexico…




…and he was of course telling the truth

Mexican Rapists – United States Illegal Alien Crime Report

Trump could have expanded his comments to include not just Mexicans but Honduran illegals too. Obama’s Pricey Plague-Dogs and Philadelphia’s Shame! 

Or better still, giving figures showing how many serious crimes are committed against Americans by crimmigrants from each and every country, naming which country’s crimmigrants are the most frequent offenders.

Even honest left-libs have recognised the defamation for what it is. 


Stop telling this lie about Donald Trump. I’m a Sanders supporter — and value honesty

Trump’s words on Mexicans have been misconstrued by all sides. This liberal, Puerto Rican professor says enough

But the media will still lie…


 …truth matters not at all to these leftist hacks.