Rising Swiss Anger At Ingrate Aliens!

What the Hell!?!?!

I thought the supposed goal of these parasitical aliens was to get away from ‘war and poverty?’


Hasil gambar untuk ya gotta be kidding


Surely Swiss government accommodation, greedy snouts dug into free food, is a very safe distance from ‘war and poverty?’ But they’re still not happy despite three squares a day at other people’s expense? 




How much safer does it get?

But there’s more!

Frustrations also arise among those who become aware they have little chance of obtaining asylum, said Constantin Hruschka of the Swiss Refugee Council.


Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he?

Not Welcome! Doormat

Phoney ‘refugees’ about to get rumbled and get dragged away from the trough, after guzzling gratis for how many months? Then when the red card appears on the Alpine horizon, they display their gratitude to the nation they tried to con by turning violent?

Surely a sound thrashing sounds appropriate? Oh, no, no, no, says Constantin the Collaborator. Let’s waste more public money!

“Instead of concentrating on security services it would be better to invest more in care!”

If you enjoy wearing a gob-smacked expression, this asinine report is a gift that keeps on giving.

One issue could be that some refugees do not have enough to do.


While the SEM stipulates that asylum seekers should be kept occupied with activities such as language courses for at least four hours a day, many centres are not reaching these targets.



Do these Swiss holiday camps not have toilets that need cleaning? Or laundry, ironing, floors that need sweeping, potatoes that need peeling?

But then ‘asylum seekers  are not allowed to take a job in the first three months after applying for asylum, which can be extended to six months.’

So what?

I’m not talking paid jobs. Contributing a mite of honest sweat at the place where they wallow in their free board and lodgings should be a given, and keep them busy till they can be booted out back to where they belong.