‘The Leftal’ – Pro-Crimmigrant Bias Against Danes!

A number of readers have asked me to justify my criticism recently…


…of one part of the European media, namely ‘The Local.’

That wasn’t the first time it’s merited my attention.

 London’s Collaborateur Rally – ‘Ashamed To Be British?’ 

They argued that only one or two instances of bias don’t deserve my harsh condemnation. So I decided to flick back and see what else they’ve done that indicates a slanted approach to the news.  

Here’s the first sentence from a report in the Danish edition of ‘The Local,’ earlier this summer

That’s the wise piece of legislation passed as the Danes faced a horde of alien parasites marching north across the German border.
It authorised Danish police to confiscate assets from wannabe welfare bums – a description which certainly fits many of the so-called ‘refugee’ rabble invited to invade Germany by Mama Stasi…
… who, ever since the tsunami built up, has been demanding other, more sensible governments take a ‘quota’ of the albatrosses she hung round Germany’s neck.
It was indeed much discussed, but there were few signs that normal Danish people disagreed with the parliamentary majority that approved what came to be called the ‘jewellery law.’ Most normal folk would agree it makes good sense.
Besides it has hardly been used at all, and that’s curious. Then last week Copenhagen Police caught five people trying to enter the country on falsified documents.
Five Iranians were nabbed at the airport and placed in detention for using fake documents.
Since the gang had a small fortune about their persons –  129,000 kroner – police used the ‘jewellery law’ provision to confiscate dollars and euros amounting to a total of 79,600 kroner.
Nothing amiss about that.
Caught, arrested, proper procedure applied…
…but NOW get the headline that topped the story.

 Danish police use infamous ‘jewellery law’ for first time


Dictionary definition – well-known for being bad : known for evil acts or crimes. : causing people to think you are bad or evil. Definition of Infamous by Merriam-Webster

In what imaginable way is a sensible, popular law, passed constitutionally, in a parliamentary democracy INFAMOUS?’

Headlines are not usually created by the journos who write the story. Headlines are the job of editorial staff.

The pro-crimmigrant slob who plastered that biased drivel across the top of the article should be identified and dismissed.

But that’s unlikely.



Bias is par for the course with the leftist Local.