Hollande Finally To Face The Wrath of Calais?

Cazeneuve said places for another 8,000 asylum seekers would be created this year and thousands more in 2017, saying efforts would be focused on getting people in Calais to leave voluntarily.
For pity’s sakes!
 Is this what honest French citizens pay taxes for?
Pouring largesse into a trough where savages feed?
Cazeneuve may only be doing the bidding of that effete appeasement artist in the Elsysee Palace, who ‘has until now avoided visiting Calais but is to visit the city later this month.’ .https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/sep/02/france-vows-to-dismantle-jungle …but nobody’s forcing the Interior Minister to do so. Neither was anyone expecting him to change his weasel tune from the last time he was there. 

Unlike Hollande, he’s been seen in the vicinity before, and what he said then was pathetic.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the eviction would be done “progressively, by persuasion and with respect for people’s dignity.”   


The Government of France’s duty is to act decisively to safeguard the French people. To talk of persuading recalcitrant illegals to do what they’re told, seeking their consent to go where they’re told ‘voluntarily,’ is a dereliction of duty.
March them onto trucks or freight rains at gun-point.
Then put them into locked-down internment centres. 
As for Francois Hollande, when he deigns to drop by, he may need to be protected not from the crimmigrants so much as from the French citizens he has effectively abandoned to the mercies of the Jungle savages.
The Guardian reports that there are ‘currently a record 1,900 French police‘ deployed in Calais and Hollande’s flunkey Cazeneuve has just promised another 200.
But even a thousand more will not make a whit of difference if the cops are not unshackled and allowed to do their job  – make Calais safe for decent people, a category that emphatically excludes the liars and layabouts in the Jungle.
Despite France 24’s news broadcast, which I just now listened to, saying there is a ‘record number of refugees’ in Calais, there are few real refugees there, otherwise they’d apply for ‘asylum’ in France. Even France 24 went on to admit that much of the infestation wants only to reach the UK.  But what are we to expect from France 24?
Hasil gambar untuk france 24
Real refugees seek a safe country.
In Calais, they’re in one, and have mostly passed through safe countries to get there. Phoney refugees, for sure. 
Why should they not be treated for what they are, moochers on the make, at best?
Who do they think they are?
Their arrogant marauding should be ended.
If Hollande and Cazeneuve were at all on the side of the French and not that of the alien parasites, they’d have ordered the police to seal that Jungle off, with clear orders to those inside that ANY attempt to leave would be met with live ammo.
For too long the rabble have been terrorising innocent people.
shoot terrs
Instead, the regime in Paris wants to subject some other blameless towns to their maligant molestation, move the bludging brutes to other areas across France, where they’ll make other French people’s lives a misery by their lawless rampages. 
MOVE THEM, yes, but BACK to whence they came.

out with them


So Cazeneuve’s in Calais today?

As I said, back when he previously made obeisance to appeasement, why doesn’t he just go down on bended knee to the brutes?


  • cazeneuve
  • Boot-licker Cazeneuve
  • ————

He should be booed all the way back to Paris.