Memo – Brits to Commissar Juncker -“Expel Us!”

So arrogant Chief Commissar and self-confessed habitual liar Jen-Claude Juncker has reportedly  told Theresa May that she should not be holding free trade discussions with other nations while Britain is still a member of the EU.


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Liar Juncker And ‘EU Rule Number One’ – Down With Democracy! 


“I don’t like the idea that member states of the EU, including those who are still a member state of the European Union, are negotiating free trade agreements,” he said on Sunday.


So Brits are expected to sit still and do nothing to prepare for their formal deliverance from Brussels misrule?


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Like a rabbit on a dark night, transfixed by the horror of the headlights?


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Get stuffed, Juncker!


If you don’t like it, save Theresa the trouble of initiating Article Fifty – just expel the UK from your sordid supranational autocracy.

There’d be mild flooding as the pampered millenial brats wept for a week, but millions of real Brits  – the winning Brexit majority – would rejoice!