Migrants ‘Disappearing?’ – Hold Those Cheers!

‘Disappearing’ migrants on the rise in Switzerland


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Swiss folks may be optimistic, hoping the artful dodger undesirables have sloped off to plague some neighbouring nation.

But there’s just as big a risk that they’ll be prowling around Switzerland, their whereabouts now unknown, to prey on innocents as the ‘asylum’ malignants do next door in Austria.


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“Attacks Now A Daily Routine..:” SoDyeThat Blonde Hair! 

Herr Christoph Neuhaus, head of the justice department in the canton of Bern, is alert to the danger. “We cannot be sure that they really migrate further and register elsewhere as asylum seekers,” he said.

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And most sensible in-put comes from Albert Rösti, President of the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) – he called for the border to be shut down altogether, saying the situation was “a massive security risk.”

Precisely so.

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