Walls Galore! Europe’s Sincerest Form of Flattery!

Britain is to build a “big new wall” at Calais as part of arrangements to contain migrants, a minister has confirmed.

The 13ft high barrier, which would stretch for one kilometre, is the latest in a number of measures to beef up security at the port.


Hadrian showed how!

-Immigration minister Robert Goodwill told the Commons Home Affairs Committee: “We are going to start building this big new wall very soon.


Not before time!


The wall might help, but only if there are watch-towers along it, manned by snipers with explicit authorisation to take out any crimmigrants curs who try to breach the ramparts.

Nevertheless, after the news from Norway the other day, it’s intriguing how Mr. Trump’s best-known anti-undesirable plan…


…is catching on across Europe.

It also seems to be catching on among American voters, judging from the glum faces on the ‘mainstream’ media earlier today. 



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