‘Taboo’ To Curb Crimmigrant Tsunami – UN Flunkey

All sensible people should applaud this belated recognition of the folly which has unleashed fear and misery among decent Austrians…


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….but not so a senior UN flunkey, Christoph Pinter, local head of UNHCR, who resorts to the language of witchcraft to condemn the curb on crimmigrants.

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A lot of blondes in his audience…

“Attacks Now A Daily Routine..:” SoDyeThat Blonde Hair! 


The move, he says, “would represent the breaking of a taboo and a retreat from the protection of refugees.” 

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A taboo is a vehement prohibition of an action based on the belief that such behavior is either too sacred or too accursed for ordinary individuals to undertake.  

 Taboo – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


So this overpaid sticky-beak reckons Austria will be accursed because they’ve agreed on a draft emergency decree that, once it enters into force, would allow Austria to block the entry of migrants directly at its borders?



Whose borders are they, for God’s sake?


Chancellor Christian Kern said that the decree would be applied once the government’s upper limit of 37,500 asylum applications for this year is reached.

Austria has never shirked the task of helping people in genuine need.




When the Soviets bloodily suppressed the Hungarian Revolution in 1956, a six-figure number poured across the frontier.

Unlike so very many of what’s engulfed Europe this year, and last year, those terrorised souls were REAL refugees, not ingrate wannabe welfare bums…


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…or worse!

Unaccompanied Minors?’ Groping? Again? Poor Wee Boys? 


Kern’s error is in not applying the decree NOW…

….and deporting thousands of undesirables, regardless of the arrogant intrusion of supranational bureaucrats reduced to parroting words more evocative of voodoo than what’s best for the endangered women and girls of Austria’s cities, towns and countryside. 

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