Facebook Censorship – Obama’s Little Creep In Hot Water!

Took the day off  – had a welcome visitor who has left my humble home shipshape once more.

I didn’t even watch the news till quite late this evening, but when I did, I was delighted to see that finally some big guns are targetting that little creep Zuckenberg, after his Facebook geekstapo censored that famous Vietnam photo. 

Hasil gambar untuk facebook napalm girl

Norway’s PM attacks Facebook “censorship” over Vietnam photo

I certainly hope Prime Minister Solberg chases down the swine and we see at least one of Facebook’s many arbitrary acts of censorship shamed and reversed.

I got banned from Facebook myself, for exposing the Cikeusik Pogrom, that monstrous ( and basically unpunished) jihadist atrocity here in Indonesia.



They promised a proper explanation but never kept their word – and what does one expect from that Obamanoid upstart Zuckerberg, who more recently pledged to suppress anti-crimmigrant views on his ‘social media’ forum?

Hypocrite Zuckenberg’s Cess-Pool, Bubbling With Hate! 

The sooner a fair-minded rival to Facebook comes into existence, the better.

Incidentally, the little girl in that photo which has caused the current controversy? The reds always try to use her picture to promote anti-Americanism.

Always Learning Something New! That Little Vietnam Girl Chose Freedom! 

But she grew up to know better than that!

Kim is glad to be alive now, but she describes her attitude growing up in Communist-dominated Vietnam this way:

I got burned by napalm, and I became a victim of war … but growing up then, I became another kind of victim. … I wished I died in that attack with my cousin, with my south Vietnamese soldiers.