Canada – Anti-Music Bigots Turn On Their Hosts!

come on Canada


A story this week exposes the sheer stupidity of Canadian ‘migrant’ policy today, with benighted bigots defying school rules, aiming to insulate their offspring from their host-nation’s way of life.

Mandatory music classes hit a bad note with some Muslim parents

No singing ‘O Canada’ – or any song at all – for this recalcitrant rabble!

No wonder ‘Islamophobia’ emerges, when such creatures misrepresent their religion to defend their Dark Age defiance.


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And it IS misrepresentation.

I spent years here in 90% Muslim Jakarta teaching all levels, and I can assure readers that, like youngsters anywhere, my students delighted in music – especially Western pop!

Music is everywhere in Jakarta – I came home from a shopping trip a few days ago and my short journey took me past a Muslim wedding, where joyful dangdut songs were very audible – and look at any tv dangdut show here…


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….and you’ll see crowds, young and old, swaying and singing along, teen lasses in headscarfs, with similarly clad mums and grans, as eagerly as any others. My Indonesia readers commented very forcefully on last week’s post on the kill-joys –Indonesia’s Islamist Kill-Joys Rage Against Erotic Wobbling! –  what a shame Canada has similar berks to those in Aceh.

Canadian children in Ontario have music as part of their required curriculum, but, in what is arguably more appalling than the recalcitrants’ backward arrogance, authorities in Toronto have been sinking lower than snakes’ bellies to ‘accommodate’ these Dark Agers.

“Your children will not be required to play a musical instrument or sing in their music class,” read a formal note to at least one family…

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  • ….Toronto District School Board originally had offered an accommodation – suggesting students could just clap their hands in place of playing instruments or listen to acapella versions of O Canada – but not a full exemption from the class….

No way should this sort of appeasement bilge ever have been tabled.


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  • However, even when it was, no way would the malignant minority   – a sizeable minority, 130 parents’ names appearing on one protest petition – even contemplate compromise!


“We do not compromise with anyone on the clear-cut orders and principles conveyed by the Prophet…” 

That’s from Kasim Ingar, boss of Toronot’s Scarborough Muslim Association.

“We here believe that music is haram [forbidden]. We can neither listen to it, nor can we play a role in it…

How dare aliens who settle in Canada demand that Canada adapt to them, not the other way around, as decent Canadians are entitled to expect?


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  • If they won’t sing ‘O Canada,’ let them find a country they can fit into.