Lone Wolf in Sumatra? Not Exactly Alone!

“By the time I got up, people were swarming the suspect; some were restraining him but others were so upset that the suspect managed to hurt the pastor they couldn’t contain themselves and beat the man..” http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/world/indonesia-terror-attack-at-catholic-church-in-medan/news-story/

Good for them!

And that ‘upset’ should set the tone for the courts here, if Ivan Armadi Hasugian is found guilty. 

He’s being held as the only suspect after a priest was knifed at St. Joseph’s Church in Medan; a bomb in a bag didn’t explode.

The police say he was allegedly inspired by an attack on a church in Rouen, Normandy, last month where a priest was killed and a parishioner wounded by Islamic State (IS) militants,


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  • An underage boy? Indonesians aged 17 are entitled to vote! Hardly underage! 
  • Sounds like the stuff we hear about all those ghastly ‘unaccompanied migrants’ in Europe, like the savages we’ve covered before…
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  • evil children
  • ………………..
  • Why doesn’t President Jokowi make it clear that, whether a jihadist terrorist is in direct radio communication with the satanic ‘caliphate’ in Mosul…
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  • devil destroyed
  • ——–
  • ….or whether he ( or she, given the news from Paris yesterday) just wakes up one morning with a fanciful whim to kill and maim, involvement in jihadist terror and/or treason ( the latter meaning declaring allegiance to a supranational ‘caliphate’ in preference to one’s own country)  should mean facing a firing squad.