A 9/11 Call for Help!

I hadn’t posted anything on the 9/11 Anniversary so far, because I felt there must be something else to say besides the obvious expressions of horror at the Islamist evil which claimed thousands of lives back then.

Equally, since we have seen more recently plenty more examples of that same blood-thirsty, satanic sectarianism in action, what can I focus on to make a distinctive contribution.

Hasil gambar untuk 9/11

And then I came across this.

How to Help Victims of 9/11 and Their Families

In the immediate aftermath of the 2001 attacks, about 300 new charities were approved by the IRS, according to Charity Navigator. By 2006, one-third couldn’t be located and dozens had closed. Even the American Red Cross found itself in trouble when it raised close to $600 million but dispersed just $154 million, earmarking the rest for future organizational efforts. Scammers stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from Americans trying to help.

There are even fewer dedicated charities for 9/11 assistance today—but need still exists.


Read the linked story and make up your own minds what to do.