Last Night of the Proms Unsubverted!

Despite the enormous reputation for reliable reporting which the Irish Examiner ( who? what?) enjoys around the world, I think I prefer the Daily Mail’s verdict on the ‘battle of the flags’ at the weekend Last Night of the Proms.

The Irish Examiner tells us that the

Last Night Of The Proms crowd shows solidarity with the EU

Non-Brits may already know that it’s become an occasion for displays of healthy patriotism, but this year a clique of millennial renegade brats had allegedly been plotting to stage an infestation – dozens of dorks wielding the much-hated EUSSR banner.



some of us delighted in burning the Brussels rag some years ago.

Burn, Baby, Burn – Demophobic EUSSR Flag Goes Up in Smoke 

Needless to say, patriotic Brits got wind of this and distributed the true blue Union Flag in quantities, to thwart the nasty plot.

Now here’s what the Irish Examiner’s actual description of the event has to say about the euro-rag’s presence in the Albert Hall.


There was even one prominently placed on the conductor’s stand, which was decorated with flags from across the globe.


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