‘Unaccompanied Minor’ Savages Assault Austrian Woman

A group who were described as underage Afghan migrants from a local asylum centre allegedly sexually harassed the woman and although she tried to make them go away, they redoubled their efforts and attempted to assault her.

Dog walker in Afghan migrant gang sex attack – The Local

Filthy savages who prey on women should be put down.

The same report relates other sex-crimes perpetrated by undesirable aliens.

As noted previously here, the cops there are overwhelmed, reduced to telling Austrian women that it’s wiser not to look nice.

“Attacks Now A Daily Routine..:” SoDyeThat Blonde Hair! 




Despite the risk of upsetting the ratbags who serve the United Nations ‘Taboo’ To Curb Crimmigrant Tsunami – UN Flunkey   it’s time Austria kicked out barbarous brutes, before any more women or children fall victim to their evil.

And of course it’s not only the fair sex who suffer from savages, and not only in Austria.

There’s a brand new report from Serbia too, another violent Afghan intruder held.

‘Police said Saturday that the 35-year-old migrant faces charges of attempted murder for inflicting life-threatening injuries on the 27-year-old man.


The incident happened overnight in the town of Sid, near the Croatian border.

The report unfortunately goes on to repeat the big lie, that crimmigrants are ‘stranded’ there, when they can obviously go back where they belong.

However, it usefully reminds us of the base character of much of the horde. 

Serbian officials have said that most of the migrants in Serbia are young men from Afghanistan…

war zone 2

Gutless  swine, leaving their homeland and families under attack by jihadist Taliban and ISIS vermin, leaving others of more honourable quality to defend those in danger.