UN Sticky-Beaks ‘Remind’ Spain – Admit ‘Asylum’ Savages!

A lovely day, with a visitor who knows how to make a damned decent bacon and eggs breakfast.

Fortunately, I enjoyed that before scanning the news for today’s blog-worthy items, and the photos on the link below would make less sturdy souls than Yours Truly want to throw  up.


Hasil gambar untuk ceuta migrants

Just take a look at these arrogant savages, unashamedly law-breaking as they try to breach the borders of  a sovereign nation state.

That’s a scene from Ceuta, a Spanish enclave on the North African coast, and the ‘news’ is that some of the brutes managed to injure themselves in their flagrant criminal activity.

Big bloody deal.


  • ceuta_melilla_map203
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  • True, it’s partly Spain to blame – it’s a country which regrettably lacks a patriot party of any significant size.
  • And it has a government unwilling to authorise effective resistance to invasion. 
  • ———————-
  • If the border security personnel had issued a clear order to get back down into Moroccan territory, followed that up with one warning volley, then opened up on the crimmigrant horde, rest assured there’d be no action replays.

But then, there’s the sticky-beak factor.


  • 6aa26-nounited-nations-no2
  • The enemies of the civilised world run the UN, and sure enough, we promptly heard a ‘reminder’ from those uppity nags that Spain had better behave and remember its ‘obligations’ to such illegal immigrants.  


If the Spaniards had an ounce of backbone, they’d tell the supranational scolds to shove their reminder where the sun never shines.

That, alas, won’t happen, and the same seems to be the case in Calais, where despite some belated recognition of the extent of the terror inflicted on locals and truckers and tourists…

Walls Galore! Europe’s Sincerest Form of Flattery! 

  …no government minister, on either the French or the British side, has yet declared it’s time to kick the Jungle primitives back to where they came from.

Fingers crossed Marine Le Pen will win next year. She might shame Theresa May into showing a spark of stateswomanship.




Until then, the stench of appeasement hangs over all Europe.