Belgium Stabs Its Police in the Back

After two Belgian cops were stabbed by one of Molenbeek’s savages last month…Belgium police machete attack: Knifeman shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ – Mirror….a local authority spokeswoman told the media that –“…the knife attacker was an illegal immigrant who had been ordered to leave Belgium several times.


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  • “The last one [order] dated from August.
  • Unfortunately, that order was not applied…” 
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  • Unfortunate, indeed, for the female police officers.
  • Had Belgium taken the crimmigrant issue seriously, taken that crimmigrant off the streets and put him where he belonged, behind bars till deportation transport was ready to remove at least one exemplar of evil from Belgian streets….
  • out with them

….those two victims would be on their usual patrols, hopefully able to get more of the plague detained and deported.

  • Belgium’s inertia, irresponsibility, is at least as responsible for the wounds sustained, as is the undesirable alien who wielded the blade.
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  • Not that the Belgian Government is notably worse than the British or German or many others across the civilised world, many of which appear to take their cue from Obama’s reluctance to remove illegals.
  • Think of the UK tax-payers’ money wasted on lawyers who spent years blocking the deportation of the wicked.  And not just lawyers!
  • Cameron To Fight for Scumbags’ Right to Stay in UK!
  • Think of the known criminal who committed the Nice atrocity, known as a worthless alien rat, but never kicked out of France.
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  • All of those barbarous brutes should long since have been expelled from civilised countries.
  • If courts use legal loopholes to obstruct deportations, then change the law…
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  • evil judgeEmpty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court


  • …and most importantly, derogate from that damfool European Convention.