Hollande Lures French Voters….With Mini-Jungles?

Irresponsible, says Marine Le Pen, the only politician with a rational policy on the Calais crimmigrants.

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  • And no wonder.

Hollande knows as well as all of us how dangerous the alien rabble can be, yet, rather than kick them out of France, he’s declared his intention to disperse them around France!


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  • NOT, as would be arguably acceptable in the short term, in properly guarded and securely fenced containment areas, but in centres whence they’ll be just as capable of amok-runs into neighbouring French communities as they have shown themselves to be in the long-tormented Channel port.
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  • And the victimised areas include the remote Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in the south east of the country, whilst a further 1,500 are to be allocated to New Aquitaine in the south west. 
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  • Hollande

small villages, farming areas, and who’s going to defend these poor people against malignant migrant forays?

To underline his contempt for the luckless citizens to be subjected to lawless marauders, Hollande’s diktat makes it clear that local councils, mayors, prefectures, will have NO power to say no to this monstrous ploy.

As for the soft-soap wittering we hear from un-named ‘officials,’ – Any migrants who do not want to apply for asylum in France when the Jungle is razed will be offered the chance of voluntarily returning home or could face forcible removal…

Who believes that?

They have had that option for all the time they’ve been in Calais, demonstrating their true nature for all to see – why were they not rounded up and given the same choice then?


Finally, why do I praise Marine but am slow to applaud Les Republicans, who correctly say Hollande’s planning to create “hundreds of Calais (camps) distributed across the country,” and that his “migration diktat” will ”create conditions for national disunity and therefore a civil war.”

Rightists warn dispersing migrants in camps across France ..

 I’m reluctant to praise Sarkozy’s men for the wise measures they now propose – the restoration of controls on national borders” and “the ending of welfare benefits for foreigners who can’t prove they have a job and a home in France.

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Good ideas!

So WHY did they not implement and enforce such rules when they had their chance, when Sarkozy was President of France. All mouth and trousers, these so-called ‘conservatives.’