Swiss Jobs for Swiss Workers? Don’t Be Difficult, Warns Juncker Flunkey!


The EU warned Switzerland on Monday over a vote by one of its cantons backing curbs on migrants…EU warns Swiss over vote to curb cross-border workers

What a nerve, to tell any country that it may not give preference to its own, over foreigners.

One canton, Ticino, has voted for a measure which most Swiss, I’d say would applaud. It’s a modest step – the initiative called for companies to give preference to Swiss workers over foreigners if they were equally qualified…

Most Brits would surely applaud any similar move to apply the same rules for UK citizens.


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But beware the politicians!

Switzerland’s outstanding constitution is the envy of most neighbouring countries – direct popular power from the ground up. Yet suddenly the evil empire, the EUSSR, looms over  democratic values, casting a dark shadow  over the Alpine confederation’s bright lights of freedom. And, similarly to Westminster, legislators in Berne appear determined to thwart democracy.


Instead of fixed quotas, the lower house favours a ‘light’ solution which would mean prioritizing Swiss nationals for jobs and only taking more drastic measures if Brussels agrees.


Oh My God!

If Brussels agrees?

A Juncker flunkey ‘warned’ those who respect democratic decisions that “Yesterday’s vote will not make the already difficult talks any easier.” .

The same report reminds us that the referendum is legally binding – so what are we to make of the fact that a majority of MPs are as much concerned with Brussels as with their own people’s legally binding decision at the ballot box.

Is parliament’s proposal a necessary solution or the “death of direct democracy”? Row as Swiss MPs give in on EU migrant curbs

A fair question – one hopes the voters of Switzerland will enforce their constitution on their political class.

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British people are facing the same challenge and should wish the Swiss well!