Tory MP Tells Truth – Calais Crimmigrants Are NOT Stranded!

Good to see a Tory MP on France24 last night, setting the record straight on those ‘stranded’ savages in the Calais Jungle.

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The interviewer had used the absurd adjective whilst talking of Francois Hollande’s insolent demand that the British should have to shoulder some of the burden in dealing with the lawless crimmigrants there.

Tim Loughton put the media sap in his place, saying what I have often said,that these undesirables are no way ‘stranded.’


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Tim Loughton MP

Again echoing my frequent corrections to the lying press narrative, he pointed out that the great majority were illegals, with no right to be there!

 Most men in theCalais camp ‘aren’t refugees’ – PressReader 

And, he asked, how can people who wandered through various safe countries, and then all the way to Northern France, of their own volition…


…who are able to surge out of their dens as they please, to terrorise Brit truckers and the citizens of Calais, how can anyone seriously call them ‘stranded?’

Tim Loughton pointed out that the infestation at Calais was entirely down to successive occupants of the Elysee Palace, French Presidents who let it happen.

At any time over the past decade or more, police and citizen volunteers could have cleaned out the sty, arrested those with no legitimate status in France and booted the rabble back to wherever they oozed into French territory.

I am in no way hostile to the French people, who also must wonder why Paris let this horror grow into its present nightmare dimensions.


I have previously said that Brits and French should work together to put the savages down and/or put them out.

That’s the way forward, deport them back to whence they came, not try, as Hollande appears to want, to transfer them across the Channel to prey on decent English folk as they currently prey on Calaisians.

One had to demur when Tim Loughton when he went on to endorse Cameron’s mad scheme to implant more ‘migrants’ in no longer so Merry England. A Hungarian style referendum should be required.


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The behaviour of frightful ingrates,as recorded again this week – makes this a moral imperative,as is deportation for those who make British streets unsafe.

  • TheresaMay_1685363c

Theresa May refuses to ditch European court

  • All too often, insane rulings from the European Court of Human Rights, on which Theresa May has recently u-turned and become a big fan, prevent expulsion of bestial brutes on the grounds that it’s unsafe.

So they remain in the UK, to make everyday life unsafe for Brits. So good on you Tim Loughton, but Tories have a long way to go.