‘Ignorant Australians’ Attacked By Disloyal Oaf!

“The anthem was written in late 1700s where blackfullas (sic) were considered fauna (animals) advance Australia fair as in white not fair as in fair go …


So race-obsessed Anthony Mundine wants players to display gross disrespect tomorrow?

I can’t say I’ve heard of him but then his sports are not of any great interest to me. My own sports were marathon running (not any more, not in Indonesia’s hot climate!) and swimming, which I still enjoy.  I’ll watch soccer if it’s the World Cup, and one of the joys of doing so is the patriotic cheering to be heard from every country’s supporters.

How sad that this Mundine creature affronts patriotism by his agitprop antics. 


“All players aboriginal & non aboriginal should boycott the anthem & start changing Australia’s ignorant mentality…lets move forward together yo.”


Hell, back when I was teaching English here, I’d get better structured sentences out of five-year-old Indonesian tots…YO! 

And I note Mundine’s own life-style does not seem notably underprivileged, certainly not as impoverished as his grammar.

Like that obnoxious clown in the USA…

Petition To Slap Down Klutz Kaepernick! 

…he should be denounced by every patriotic sports fan.

In fact, would it not be a grand idea if spectators at this event all showed up wearing one of those fine t-shirts about which disloyal undesirables were railing not long ago?

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