Dirty Danes Say Pedophilia’s A ‘Human Right? Fock Off!

Jordan’s Chief Islamic Justice Department was recently quoted as saying child marriages represented about 35% of all marriages of Syrian refugees in 2015.

Horrific, you rightly say, that such barbarism is so prevalent. 

But much more horrific that Europe is in a spin about how to handle these primitive pedophiles.   http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-37518289

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As if it’s come as any kind of surprise. We warned of this months ago. 

Migrant Pedophilia – ‘Our Traditions Are Hard To Break!’ 

If you allow hordes of savages steeped in so-called ‘cultures’ that permit pedophilia to infest your country, then you should not pretend to be shocked when they think they can persist with their vile ‘values’ wherever they go.

Diversity That Makes All Europe Shudder! 


Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid had best watch out for crimmigrants!

Denmark has behaved deplorably, at first taking a stand, then slithering into the appeasement swamp.

The policy was reversed earlier this week – with children as young as 14 reunited with their husbands – after the issue was raised with the Danish Immigration Service (DIS) by lawmaker Josephine Fock.


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Fock – in case you hadn’t guessed, is a Green, like Comrade Cohn-Bendit next door – read this – Daniel Cohn-Bendit and the German Greens’ pedophile problem.

Fock’s attitude is inexcusable.

“It is completely outrageous. We are talking about people who have fled to Denmark who are being split from each other.”

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Unlike Green Fock, THIS is what most people would think is ‘completely outrageous!’


The DIS cited Denmark’s “international obligations” as the trigger for its policy change, concluding that enforcing separate living quarters would violate the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child and Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which guarantees the right to one’s “private and family life”.

So now child molestation is a ‘human right?’

Fock off!

Decent Danes, thank goodness, are having none of this leftist hogwash.


That has prompted conservative politicians to call for Denmark’s withdrawal from such treaties.


Damn right!

The Dutch, good on ’em, seem to be hanging in for decency, while Germany, swamped by Mama Stasi’s alien tsunami, is swinging back and forth with every court case.

What should not be tolerated is the nonsense that these predators are untouchable because some victims are content with their lot.

If that’s the case, then statutory rape should no longer be an offence in any ‘migrant’-infected country. 


A dirty brute who has his way with a child, then pleads that the little girl assented, still goes to jail,. That’s been the case in Western lands long before the crimmigrant crisis, and the law on pedophilia, or any law for that matter, should not be changed to accommodate uncivilised immigrants.


out with them