‘THAT’ Is A Pejorative? Keep Speaking for France, Marion!

As we’ve noted before, Marine Le Pen is not the only patriotic blonde bomb-shell who speaks up for her country against the migrant menace.




Marion Marechal Le Pen has just upset a typical media pinko by comparing the Calais crimmigrants to ‘dust.’  In France, as in the USA and elsewhere, the Media Party is in more or less open coalition with the Enemy Within.

That the swarm on France’s northern coast are undesirable aliens was demonstrated again yesterday… – https://www.rt.com/news/361308-rally-calais-gas-cannon/   …lawless savages defying the ban on demos and stoning police, but still the pinko hacks get all upset if any politician  tells it like it is.

However, the report in RT made me laugh as well, with their mention of a previous incident when the word ‘that’ was deemed offensive!

In fact RT showed itself too is not without bias, referring to Mlle Maréchal-Le Pen’s first faux pas when talking about refugees.

The editors should not use a pejorative like faux pas to describe her unexceptionable assertion last month when she described the 12,000 migrants about to be transferred from Calais to other locations across France as “that.”

What the heck is wrong with calling them ‘that?’

  • I imagine ‘that’ is pretty mild compared to what Calais citizens call the phoney ‘refugees’ who wage barbarous war on police, public and passing truckers on a nightly basis.  

“We will put that in the French countryside, when we know the French countryside is already stricken,” she told radio station France Info.

This cute gal is good. Unlike spokespersons from other parties, she recognises that one of the roots of the problem is that the “right to asylum is misguided” and that welcoming criteria must be “severely restricted.”https://www.rt.com/news/360812-le-pen-refugees-dust/