Far-Right? Lefty Rag Gets Lefty Prof To Justify Smear!

At last The Leftal has taken up the gauntlet which we here have cast down at their feet – not just them, of course, but many other left-liberal media – on the use of the term ‘far-right’ to describe patriot parties.

In this case it’s the AfD in Germany, and it seems ‘many readers’ have raised questions about the pejorative smear.

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The AfD has been dubbed “far-right” over the past year as it has taken on a tougher stance against immigration and made gains in state elections. But at what point does one call a group far-right?Is it fair to call the AfD far right?


So to justify their insult, The Local turned to an impartial umpire…NOT!


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“Yes, I think the AfD is part of the far-right,” Cas Mudde, associate professor at the University of Georgia, and researcher at Oslo University’s Centre for Research on Extremism, told us.


This large Dutchman is hardly a disinterested observer. Though he has a rightwing brother, he’s made it clear that he himself is NOT! In one of his books, he thanks him for the respect they still have for each other despite “differences of opinion”

For a still better measure of our Mr. Mudde’s pinkoism, we have the fact that he found it ‘staggering’ when 85% of Europeans surveyed on crime expressed the perfectly rational view that “nowadays there is too much tolerance. Criminals should be punished more severely.”


To whom would self-evident truth be ‘staggering,’ except to a left-liberal?

The Leftal does quote a University of Rostock political scientist Christian Nestler who takes a mildly different stance. viz. far-right is too general a term and he would classify the AfD as right-wing populists, adding that members of the party were indeed right-wing extremists.

But The Local  will without doubt embrace the Mudde Doctrine, and can be expected to continue with its fallacious ‘far-right’ smear campaign…


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to besmirch the AfD.


But the abject failure of The Local/Leftal ever to describe either the Greens – True Colours? Europhiliac Trio Honour Dear Red!  —


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…or the Red Die Linke (Left Party) as ‘far-left’  –One of Ulbricht’s Heirs, Complicit in Crimmigration!   – which they clearly are – will continue!

Just goes to show that those who control most ‘mainstream’ news sites are incapable of fair reporting. .