In France Today, Democracy’s ‘A Threat To Public Order!’

While far too much attention is given to that meaningless Kardashian woman’s problems…

Kanyedashian – Who The Hell Cares? 

…I direct your attention instead to real and appalling news from La Belle France, the suppression of French freedoms arising from the failure of the government in Paris to deport the Calais crimmigrants.

It’s beginning to resemble how the French were treated during the Nazi WW2 Occupation.


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  • Villagers in Allex, a small community in Southern France, were due to vote on Francois Hollande’s phoney ‘refugee’ dispersal scheme this week.’

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  • Hollande

    The Merkel puppet in the Elysee Palace wants to take the pressure of ‘migrant’ mayhem off Calais.

  • Great?

  • No, because he is sending batches of the trouble-makers to defenceless towns all over France…


Would you want fifty of these moving in next door?

…instead of sending them back to whence they illegally entered France!

In Allex the Mayor and his villagers had rallied to resist this outrageous diktat policy, not by violent protest but by organising a referendum.

But suddenly one of the Socialist President’s administrative flunkeys ruled that any such democratic exercise was out of order.