Stuff Kardashian – Let’s Talk About Lucille!

Speechless at the media attention wasted on that Kardashian woman, who is famous for doing absolutely nothing important, except maybe having a large bust.


Who the HECK is This Kardashian Woman? 

I propose instead today to concentrate on Lucille.

October 24th is the Big Day for Walking Dead fans.



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The evil Negan has his spikey club, Lucille, and is scheduled to kill one of the heroic band, now held captive – by the villain’s gang of cut-throats – with said weapon!

Wild rumours are all over the media.  


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The most insufferable character, naggy, neurotic Carol, is said to be doomed, to be eaten alive by a zombie.

But Negan’s victim?

If it’s not to be Carol, please let it not be the yummy Rosita or the exotic Michonne.


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Hasil gambar untuk rosita and michonne


They’re the sexiest gals in the crew, so must be preserved from clubbing  – and devouring.

Poor Eugene’s just about run his course, or will it be one of the minor characters?

I invite readers who enjoy TWD to submit their predictions.

Just for a laugh.

God knows, the real news is so awful most days that a bit of light relief is a necessary tonic..